Taking Place: October 28-31 – Chicago, Illinois, USA

If you are in the industry of machinery and methods for packaging and processing the Pack Expo is the place you want to take a moment to check out. With over 46,000 attendees from over 127 countries who themselves represent 40 vertical markets, and over 1,800 exhibitors covering 1.1 million square feet, there is no shortage of knowledge, expertise, and equipment.

Last year’s Expo in Las Vegas proved to be such a success, that this year’s Expo, taking place in Chicago, is one that all believe will set the bar even higher than ever before.

There is no way that this is event will be a let down as it will provide a stage for thousands of attendees to display their newest equipment, discover new ideas and technologies, network with the leading contenders in the industry, and have an avenue to create and inspire together.

The markets that will be displayed range from automotive, bakeries, beverage, electronics, fresh produce, furniture, paper/printing, metals, medical equipment, textiles, and household products, among many many more!

There is no storage of what to expect this year, as the Pack Expo will create another year of great innovation and networking that cannot be attain