It’s that time of year again! This month, the annualNational Association of Broadcasters Tradeshow is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada and is sure to please. This tradeshow is one of a kind, as it brings together the likes of +90,000 media and entertainment professionals from over 150 countries, along with +1,500 companies of the same nature.  With immense press coverage and a repuatble name and community to boot, there is no telling how this year will top the rest.

Some of the keynote speakers that are to present this year at NAB are phenonmenal. Some of the many are “The Hunger Games” director Gary Ross, “Freakanomis” author Stephen Dubner, as well as Jeff Jonas and Byron Reese for the Military and Government Summit. These are only some of the many wonderful genres that will be represented and are ones not to miss.

If you are in the broadcasting field by any means, this is the place to be. Whether you are looking to purchase, distribute, or publicize, there are so many opportunities available for everyone; whether you are the business owner, the camera man, the entreprenuer, or the one man show.  The tradeshow is crawling with innovation and inspiration and there is no better place to create and grow as a company or as an individual.

All genres of interest will be present as the tradeshow, which will be help from Monday April 16th to Thursday April 19th. Everything from broadcast engineering to post production, and from cinema technology to audio and visual equipment. There is something for everyone, especially those that want to stay ahead of the game and be up to date on the latest trends, technology, and equipment needs.