The Great American Trucking Show will be sure to take place at the Dallas Convention Center from August 23-25. This is the 14th annual show that brings together all you need if you are in the trucking industry.

There will be a variety of great events that will be taking place this year, like the Custom Rigs Pride, the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference, as well as educational seminars sponsored for TMTA themselves.

With over 300 exhibitors already signed up to attend this show, it is great to see some of the top names in attendance, such as Landstar, Schneider, and Werner among many many others!

The educational seminars as previously mentioned will also be a highlight as they will cover information from new technology, to owner-operated taxing, to money saving equipment, to overall CSA managing techniques. These are sure fire ways to take your business to the next level as well as help you network not only amongst your peers, but also the many exhibitors at the show.

If you want to learn more and expand your horizon within the trucking industry, this is a great way to socialize, network, learn, and get great new ideas and innovative technology at your fingertips. With such success as past GATS’s, this year’s will surely please.

With leaders in the heavy duty trucking industry, along with free concerts from some of the top names in the country genre, there is no shortage of work and play here!

If this information gets your curiosity check out more information here, or even sign up online!

Don’t be left in the dust and stay up to speed this year with 2012’s GATS!