Taking Place: McCormick Place North – Chicago Illinois – June 19th-21st

The Assembly and Automation Technology Expo is sure to please this year! With state of the art technologies spanning from antistatic products, cleaning systems, custom automation, machine vision systems, among numerous others, there is no industry or interest that this expo will no cover.

There have been talks about who will be present this year, and they are very proud to announce that some of the many manufacturers that will be in attendance are Sensor Tec, Contract, Sustainability in Manufacturing, Design & Manufacturing Midwest, and MD&M Chicago.

Some of the qualified exhibitors that are already signed up and ready to go for this year are Apple Rubber Products, Bimba Manufacturing, Aztalan Engineering, DYMAX, and Globtek among a variety of others.

There will also be some previews added to this year, from Panasonic, Toshiba, as well as Festo. All are planned to be grand and worthwhile; not something to miss!

This Expo is also one of the few that guarantee their quality with their events and what they promise to deliver. This is something that holds trust and loyalty to all that attend and partake in their events all across the country whether it be a part or apart from this expo.