Lights…. Camera… And More Even Equipment?

Starting a video production company doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. While the start-up costs for this industry may seem discouraging, in reality you do not need as much capital upfront as you would think.

Bottom line, whether your business is catered towards a particular market or individual clients, here is the basic equipment that your company will need to get started:


  1. Camera

  2. Computers

  3. Studio

  4. Stabilizers

  5. Lighting

  6. Microphones

  7. Lenses

  8. External Hard Drives


From here, you can decide depending on your business what additional equipment you need. A challenge that many aspiring entrepreneurs in this industry face is while focusing on executing their vision, they often lose sight on the numbers. Writing a business plan, defining a budget early on, and forecasting can help your business stay on top of its costs. Although owning the latest camera equipment is certainly attractive, evaluate if your company can truly afford it.

Create long and short-terms goals that rely on customer growth and increased profits in order to upgrade your tools. Also, evaluate whether owning your equipment is a cost-effective idea for your business, since the technology in this industry is often changing and improving. Consider the advantages of utilizing the latest video production equipment, and how it can make your business stand out among its competitors.

Don’t let the hassle of owning out-of-date equipment get in the way of your creative vision. Think smart about your equipment needs, and consider options such as financing and leasing your equipment instead of buying.


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