Last year accounting software company Xero, reported significant growth from small businesses in 2014. 81% of the 304 businesses they surveyed reported revenue growth, with 22% seeing their gains double. Last year’s success has led to increased optimism for this year: 90% of small businesses surveyed forecast a revenue increase.

Small  businesses don’t  just expect to grow in revenue, 51% plan to hire new staff in 2015. This trend has already been prominent, with a large surge in small business hiring this February. Small business is responsible for most of the country’s job creation. In January of this year, companies of less than 500 employees were responsible for  81% of the new private-sector jobs created.

This growth and optimism is a great testament to the resilience of small business owners following the recession and shows more signs of a recovering, healthy economy. American Capital Group is here to serve small businesses and their unique needs. If your business is experiencing growth and you would like to add equipment as a result, we would be happy to assist you.