3D printers can be very beneficial to a small business owner. From assisting in product development, to customizing products, and cutting costs, these are few of many reasons why a 3D printer can help grow and expand your company.

But how do I choose a 3D printer? What type of 3D printer is best suited for my business? Read below to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of 3D printers.


1. (SLA) Stereolithography

   Pros: Useful for prototyping, short-run parts, high-quality, high-speed in high volume

   Cons: Price, Some limitations of use


2. (DLP) Digital Light Processing

   Pros: High resolution in short volume, high-speed in short volume, lower cost

   Cons: Unable to print high resolution in high volume, large in size


3. (FDM) Fused Deposition Modeling

   Pros: Useful for prototyping, easy to maintain and replace, lower cost

   Cons: Slow printing multiple parts, layering flaws


4. (EBM) Electron Beam Melting

   Pros: Useful for industrial 3D printing, speed

   Cons: Price, less precise in comparison to other devices


5. (LMD) Laser Metal Deposition

   Pros: Reduced costs, fast cooling rates, faster production times

   Cons: Not as mainstream, harder to obtain


6. (LOM) Laminated Object Manufacturing

   Pros: Useful for large-scale projects, quick, high accuracy

   Cons: Not useful for prototype functioning, more labor to manage production and



7. (SLM) Selective Laser Melting

   Pros: Minimal restrictions, quick production

   Cons: Large in size, high power required to operate, high temperature gradients


8. (SLS) Selective Laser Sintering

   Pros: Quick production, cost-effective production, minimal restrictions

   Cons: Rough surface finish



An important thing to note about owning a 3D printer is that although it can help expand and increase profits, they often have a hefty price tag to purchase upfront. Also, 3D printing technology is constantly changing, which can leave a business owner with out-of-date equipment. As a small business owner who may not have the capital upfront, wants to utilize the latest 3D printing technology, or wants to receive tax benefits on equipment, consider other options than simply buying.

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