As we are almost two months into the year, it is important for your small business to stay on track of its goals and priorities. With so many new business and technological trends, it is important to know how to deal with the changing environment.

This small business checklist will help your business be well prepared for whatever 2019 throws your way.

Ask staff about their needs & priorities

Keep your employees in mind while trying to grow your business. It is critical to make sure everything is working internally before your business can make steps externally.

Understand likely trends to impact your business

Trends will continue to bring both challenges and opportunities to your business. Understanding trends happening in your industry will keep your business one step ahead.

Stay up to date with technology

With so many new technological advancements entering 2019, make sure your business is in the know with technology trends. Keeping your website up to date is essential because that is where your current and potential customers will look first for information. Promoting and providing information through social media is key while also making sure your business is mobile friendly.

Form relationships offline

Customer growth through forming relationships offline is crucial. Although most promotions and marketing strategies are done online, it is also just as important to maintain relationships with customers and clients without using technology. Not everyone in your target audience may be online and those who are may even scroll past your marketing efforts.

Make a regular habit of reviewing & adjusting your goals

Regularly going over business goals will help you understand what things need to be changed or added based on current trends or encounters. By reviewing your goals, you are reminded of what you and your business are working towards and it helps keep you on track.

Keeping a checklist on hand to review at different points of the year will keep your small business on track for success.

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