With rising gas prices and huge dump trucks, there is an endless supply of money as well as pollution that goes into the industry of waste management. A reliable and resourceful new means is what is needed for the waste industry and luckily at this year’s Waste Expo a new line of natural gas dump trucks was released!

Mack’s Trucks released three new natural gas TerraPro models this week in Las Vegas, and it was not only a surprise but also one that was given a well round of applause. With one truck being a lower entry model to start, leading up to the two higher end models, this line is not only innovative, but also one of sure success.

Natural Gas is already becoming the next step after petroleum and is becoming a better source of energy for numeral functions; dump trucks now being one of them. These Mack dump trucks already have proven to meet the EPA 2010 and CARB emission levels, which only make it’s selling point that much better.

If you are in the industry and want to cut your prices, help the environment, and give yourself a sustainable and eco-friendly public image, this is the new line of trucks that you must look into. Staying ahead and staying knowledgeable is always the best way to stay in front of the competition; and sustainability is definitely a good step in the right direction.