Many have been murmuring about the change that is imminent in the film industry; the move from film to digital. Such a change has many wondering how much technology will begin to transform the way we see movies, and even more so, it has filmmakers uneasy about the change that is being forced on them in many ways. As studios push for the change into digital, many top directors, such as Scorsese, are having to make the leap away from film and begin to embrace this new direction. Having to leave such a comfort zone and a place of knowledge and experience will be difficult to do, however with so many cameras now capable to fulfill their new digital needs, there seems to be hope.

ARRI and RED cameras have been anticipating this move into the digital realm for filmmakers and have already been used for a plethora of motion picture films. Such films include  The Avengers, Prometheus, and Contagion. Both RED and ARRI are leaders in their industry and it is no question that they will start being used more and more, especially since the film to digital transition will be completed by this time next year. Ranging from the ARRI Alexa to the RED Scarlet X, there is no way that they will let the new transition down. If you want to get a jump start on this no evolution of film and theater, now is the time to definitely update your technology and get up to par with the big leagues. In order to stay on top of the game and begin to meet the new standard, the time to digitalize is now.