At American Capital Group we understand the importance that our community plays in our success and strength as a company. Our past at ACG has not always been so strong, but lately we can attest that the success we have been blessed with must be partially due to the help and charity we represent outside of our own office building. We believe that in order to receive, you must first be able to give.

Every quarter at American Capital Group, we choose a charity that represents hope, strength, and holds value. As we helped support and donated to the SheepFold last quarter, now we are in full swing to support the Fisher House. The Fisher House is a private-public partnership that helps to support America’s military and their families. Their programs help to build ‘comfort homes’ on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers, so that family members are able to be close to their love ones at the most stressful times. Having family close by and having a support system as such, unlike any other, are the small things that go a long way in a time of injury or illness.

The men and women of our militaries do so much for us as a nation, and as a country, and this is the smallest way we can give back and donate towards a cause that presents them with a comforting and supportive environment. Families that stay at the Fisher House do not pay to stay at any of the homes and that is what brings the beauty of such a place. There is no burden, cost, or stress to anyone to have their family visit, or to the family to come out and stay with their loved ones.

This is a unique  and admirable charity, and is one that American Capital Group is very proud to be a patron of. Every quarter a given amount of our revenues are donated to special causes that are important to us, and this quarter we are proud to announce that it is the Fisher House.

If you would like to donate yourself, or if you would like more information on the Fisher House please click on the following link: