The 2016 Olympic Games have kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the opening ceremonies on August 5th. Competition is in full force — the first gold medal went to Ginny Thrasher of Team USA for her precision in air rifling.

It is amazing to see the world’s greatest athletes on the biggest stage for their sport. Lots of hard work, determination, and commitment went into preparing for the competition.

The Rio 2016 games are definitely momentous. Here are some fun facts to impress:

  • This the first time in Olympic history that the games are hosted by a South American city or country.
  • About 10,500 athletes from 206 countries are competing in these games.
  • Golf and Rugby Sevens are making an appearance for the first time after a long absence. (Rugby was first featured in 1924, and Rugby Sevens is a variant.)
  • 10 athletes are competing under the IOC (International Olympic Committee) flag as refugees.
  • Team USA is comprised of 556 athletes – second only to the host nation, Brazil.

Maybe you can be competing in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Make sure to have the right equipment to train. It is very important that you train right and with the proper equipment. Finance your batting cages (Yes! Baseball was just voted to be an Olympic sport in 2020!) or your weightlifting gear.  Train hard and train well – and hopefully we’ll see you there.

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