This year the FIME Tradeshow will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center from August 8-10. This tradeshow will be the largest and most comprehensive medical tradeshow in the world, and will bring together the largest medical manufacturers that any show has available. This is an opportunity to network and being attention to your own businesses as well.

This will bring medical equipment from every genre. From physician equipment, hospital equipment, surgery equipment, medical laboratory equipment, or any other medical supplies, FIME will be able to provide it to you with variety and diversity.

Along with meeting equipment needs, FIME provides an educational experience to all whom attend, as they learn from industry experts with the highest levels of performance and information. Do not miss this chance to further yourself and your business!

Some of the exhibitors that will be present this year are:

  • American Bantex
  • Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics
  • Medprin Regenerative Medical
  • Schott North America
  • Ultrasonix Medical Corporation


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