ACG is proud to be a company that gives back to the community.  We have partnered with the CHANJE Movement to provide shelter, food, education, and medical care to impoverished kids in Haiti.

Today, we were able to sponsor a child so that they receive full care for an entire year. Bedjina Nere, a resident at the Chanje shelter, will receive the necessities and an education because of the support provided by ACG.

As described on the Chanje website, Bedjina loves to go to Math class and really enjoys reading. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher. Before Bedjina arrived at the Chanje shelter, she lived in the barren and poverty-stricken countryside of Croix Des Bouquet, Haiti. Since it is so far removed from the main city, the countryside lacks reliable access to electricity, drinkable water, and medical attention. When Bedjina was young, her father passed. With no money or ability to get a job, her mother was forced to remarry. As Bedjina’s mother and stepfather started a new family, she was neglected because there wasn’t enough money to care for all of the children and her step-dad did not want to provide for non-biological children. She became an economic orphan.

Her mother decided to take her to the shelter at Chanje, where she is happy, healthy, and most importantly, loved. She continues to learn and grow and have as much fun as she can.

ACG is happy to be able to provide the necessary funds required to take care of Bedjina. We pride ourselves in our ability to better the community and world around us.

To read more about the CHANJE movement, please check out their website:

A portrait of Bedjina Nere