The coronavirus pandemic has left many businesses navigating through murky waters. This unprecedented crisis has required millions upon millions of people around the world to change their way of life in a matter of moments, and business professionals have had to learn how to connect with their customers in new and innovative ways.

During uncertain times, there are ways that you can and should engage with your customers. Here’s a few tips for increasing your engagement levels and boosting your customer loyalty:

Use Social Media to Personalize the Experience

As people begin to practice social distancing, they are becoming more reliant than ever before on social media. Now, social media is the only way to connect on a personal level, and business professionals who are hoping to stay connected with their customers need to amp up their social media presence. Post more frequently, because your customers are much more likely to pay attention to you in their news feeds at this time.

Remind Your Customers What You are Doing to Help the Circumstances

During the COVID-19 outbreak, nearly every business, regardless of size, sent out information about what they were doing to reduce the spread of the virus. This same approach can be used in a variety of stressful and traumatic situations, such as in the aftermath of a natural disaster or during an incident that threatens public safety. Your customers will appreciate knowing that you are going the extra mile to help the community at large.

Provide Your Customers with Information About Resources Available to Them

In moments of uncertainty, most people want to be reassured that there is a clear path forward. One of the best ways to keep your customers engaged is to provide them with information about resources that might be available to them. For example, have a page on your website that notifies customers of any possible changes in your business offerings or policies. Add a place for them to contact you regarding issues brought forth by the coronavirus. Even if your business is temporarily closed, customers need to know that you are still present and willing to help in any way. Proving that your business has a handle on what’s going on, especially during this time of economic hardship, will put your company in good standing with your customers when the pandemic is over.

Prioritize Your Digital Distribution Channels

Your digital distribution channels are an affordable, low-impact option for you to focus on during uncertain times. You can use online video chat services to talk with your customers, and you can direct them to your online storefront to finalize their purchases.

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 certainly has changed the way the world works, at least for the time being. It’s a tumultuous time, but it’s more important than ever for you to stay in contact with your customers and provide them with the reassurance they need to keep moving forward with their lives.

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