4. Finance your business – Loans, venture capital, grants, and investors are your new best friends.

  • There are numerous loan programs out there for you to find. Make sure to check more than one banks and see the options and various promotions that may be going on in your area.

5. Determine the legalities – Decide what type of business you want to be.

  • Decide what type of business meets not only your company needs, but your needs, in terms of financials, resources, and possible partnerships. From LLCs, to corporations, to sole proprietorships, to partnerships, the options are not only wide but very different.

6. Registers your name – Make sure that your name reflects the business and that it is properly register red with your state government.

  • First decide what the name of your company should be. It should reflect your type of business and the type of consumers you are trying to reach. It should stand out and be different from your own name or partners’ names in some cases. These names are referred to as “Doing Business As,” or DBA names.