Have you been thinking about adding a semi truck to your company? These powerful vehicles can enable a business to substantially increase its cash flow along with lowering the transportation costs of going through a third-party service. Read below our brief explanations of 7 types of semi trucks.



1. Box Truck: Most popular for transporting furniture and appliances, comes in all sizes.

2. Dry Bulk: Transports dry materials in large quantities, examples include food, chemical, & building products.

3. Car Hauler: A trailer or semitrailer that aims to transport passenger vehicles via commercial truck

4. Flatbed: A truck that’s body is entirely flat with no roof or sides in its structure. Good for transporting large, heavy products that would not be able to fit in a fully-closed truck body

5. Tanker: Commonly used to carry oil and gases, a tanker is used to carry gases, dry bulk, and liquids in bulk.

6. Truck Tractor: According to the FWHA, this type of truck is considered as a non-cargo carrying power that is joined with a semi truck. Used to pull heavy machinery, vehicles, etc.

7. Water Trailer: Can carry high volumes of water, used in applications such as mining, sporting events, and even can transport for human consumption.


So now that you are aware of the types of semi trucks out there, and decide on wanting to utilize one for your business, what’s next? Yes you can certainly buy the upfront price outright, yet this is quite expensive due to their hefty price tag.

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