There are a lot of things to manage when running a business and often times things get overlooked or just forgotten about. Here are 15 tips of things to not overlook to help ensure your business is successful this year.

1. Make sure your website loads properly and doesn’t have any broken links. How does your website compare to your competition’s?

2. Make sure your automated phone system is user friendly and routes to the proper extension.

3. Ask your insurance company to revalue your policy if you have lost/gained employees or sold equipment.

4. Set up alerts thru your bank that text you when transactions are over a certain dollar amount.

5. Evaluate where you can get a better return on your money thru higher yield savings accounts/checking accounts.

6. Evaluate each employee as to what they are contributing to the organization. Can you outsource any job functions for employees that aren’t revenue producing?

7. Increase your company’s social media presence, share your company’s successes.

8. Sell equipment you don’t consistently use, the older your equipment gets the less valuable it will be to re-sell.

9. Improve your time management, set up automatic bill pay for business/personal expenses. What other tasks can you automate or reduce your time doing?

10. Evaluate your ongoing company meetings, is each meeting necessary? Can weekly meetings be every 2 weeks or less often. Consider a meeting with 10 people involved, 30 minutes every week, each meeting then takes up 300 minutes of productivity, if this meeting could be accomplished every 2 weeks instead then an extra 300 minutes of worker productivity is gained.

11. When you send important emails, make sure you put a read receipt on them. Your customers are inundated with e-mails and they might not be receiving or missed your valuable email.

12. Sign up for any e-newsletters your supplier or competition lets you subscribe to, this helps you stay informed with minimal effort.

13. Ask your customers for positive reviews online, satisfied customers will help you further build your reputation.

14. Review your corporate and personal bank statements every month. Are there charges from your bank you aren’t aware of such as service fees/overdraft protection that aren’t needed.

15. Review how you can trim re-occurring business and personal expenses Trimming your budget to even save a few hundred dollars on monthly expenses can add up over time.