We had some surprise, hairy visitors join us in our Laguna Hills office this past Monday. This is because our most recent charity of choice was a local dog rescue, The Little Red Dog. We were lucky enough to meet some of their puppies currently up for adoption including Ronald and Molly – both precious American Staffordshire Terrier/lab mixes. If only they could join us at all of our meetings!

The Little Red Dog (TLRD) is a fantastic rescue that helps save dogs (and other animals) from being euthanized throughout the Southern California area. An alarming amount of dogs in the U.S. are euthanized each year due to overcrowded shelters. TLRD has made it their mission to save every dog they can. They do not discriminate against any breed either! They are passionate advocates for the American Pit Bull Terrier and other dogs that fall within the “pit bull” umbrella because there is a large amount of misinformation being spread about these breeds. They are one of the top breeds found in shelters and are the hardest to re-home. In truth, the breed is sweet, loving, and wants to be part of the family. TLRD works to dispel some of the myths so that every dog gets the loving home they deserve.

TLRD rescued 232 dogs in the year 2016 alone. Each year, they’re able to help more and more dogs in need. The donations they receive help them with the high cost of rescuing these dogs and providing medical care (including vaccinations and spays/neuters). If you’d like to learn more about TLRD or see their dogs up for adoption, please click here.


Ronald, the black Amstaff puppy standing on the conference table

Going over some important business details during the meeting.


Molly and Ronald, black and white puppies, napping.

It’s exhausting being this cute.