Here at ACG Capital we are constantly staying on top of the latest trends and making sure that they are given straight to you. For those that have gas stations or are in related industries, a new upcoming trend can be a huge potential source for revenue and popularity. New state of the art interactive advertisements are becoming a great boost, as many gas stations are already beginning to adopt this new media. As customers wait an estimated 2-3 minutes at a gas pump in order fill their tanks, there is a huge amount of time to air ads and grasp their attention, since they are more than likely bored and just waiting around. Having LCD screens at each pump with continuous around the clock advertisements running can not only save your customers from being bored and dreary, especially as they see their tank fill up and their wallets empty out, but they can also rake in extra revenue for you as companies will pay great sums in order to advertise with you.

Even more so, the catchy and bright advertisements with modern LCDs will get more customers to go to your gas station. The more and more customers come to you and the more traffic you have going in and out of your station will show advertisers why they should be advertising with you above others. Not only this, but it can also show advertisers why they should be paying you big bucks in order to do so. This will not only increase your revenue in these hard times, but it will also garner you a more improved popularity amongst your community, as well as a more modern and positive image. These are all revenue boosting and definitely worth the time and consideration. If you are interested in beating out your competitors and upgrading your station before this upcoming trend is adopted by many competing competitors all around, click here to find out more!