POS systems are known for their accessibility and ease when it comes to operating systems, but another new capability is soon to be uncovered.  POS have been used more and more to not only print recipes, but now to E-mail receipts. Power house companies such as Apple and Urban Outfitters are using receipt E-mailing to save trees and lead a greener initiative, but is that all?

When companies try to request customers E-mail addresses in order to send them special updates and upcoming deals, many are hesitant dude to spamming and endless tedious E-mails they end up getting. Either they kindly deny such a request, or they give a fake or null E-mail address in order to get a deal but have no commitment to continued communication with a given company.

However, now that receipts can be instantly E-mailed, and consumers obviously want to have their proof of purchase there is less of a chance of receiving worthless E-mail addresses and actually attain an E-mail address worth having in a database in order to keep contact with consumers and only use their addresses to correctly and properly e-mail them with only information that they choose to accept and request. Otherwise, companies will be not only irritating their consumer base, but also misusing their trust.

Whether it is being used for marketing and communication with company patrons, or simply E-mailing receipts, POS systems are a new way to gain successful communication with consumers and wisely and trusting use such outlets to garner brand strength and profitability.

This is the newest ways in which POS systems are being used, however the balance of doing so is something not to be taken lightly, and definitely something that can be done in a respectful and positive manner!