Getting new equipment is really exciting. (And, financing that new equipment is even more exciting!!)

However, understanding what that equipment can do and training new employees is imperative to get the most out o your new equipment.

Here are some important notes to keep in mind when you are breaking out the new stuff.

  1. Safety First! Read the manual, understand what can happen when things go wrong. Make sure you and your employees have adequate time to get to know your new piece of equipment. Also, be sure to use the new equipment in enough space.
  1. Hands-On Learning Give your employees some time to get comfortable with the machinery by letting them test run the equipment. Provide them with the right steps so that they can create some muscle memory and become masters with the new gear. Do not just give your employees a manual, make sure that they have time with the machine.
  1. Questions? Concerns? Allow time for questions. Make the space comfortable and encouraging so that the trainee can completely understand the new apparatus. If more training is necessary, plan it!

Gaining the latest in your industries equipment can greatly boost your productivity and morale, but without the correct training it can hurt your company. Let American Capital group help with your next equipment acquisition. Call (877) 814-6871 or click HERE to apply now.