Social Media is great platform to generate new customers, get the word out to a mass population, and learn about the latest and greatest at the tips of your fingers. Having a strong social media presence can be extremely powerful for your business. Take some of these tips to master the web.

  1. Make sure you know the right platform to boost your business. There are a plethora of social media accounts you can take advantage of, including, but not limited to: Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Get to know your business and the industry you are in so that you can tailor your online presence to your customers.
  2. Know your hashtags, trends, and upcoming holidays. Using the world around you to promote your trade is a great tool. Know the trending stories, the hot hashtags, and recent holidays can definitely bring in new customers and interest more people. Also, it makes your business seem hip and trendy!
  3. Take a data oriented approach to posting. There is definitely an ebb and flow for social media traffic. Use trusted third party apps to manage the high times and when your posts get the most impressions or views. Schedule your posting through the site, or again, through third party websites/apps. Also, promote the post on your other social media accounts!

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