Keep dreaming about the gym that you have always wanted to create?

Do you notice a need in your community to build a better gym than what’s out there?

Or are you a personal trainer that is simply ready to take their fitness ambitions to the next level?

Regardless of which question applies to you, it’s time to take your gym-building dreams out of your head and start making them a reality.

Once you have done your research, implemented a business plan, and choose your location, choosing equipment is one of the most important decisions for a privately-owned gym. On average, it will take roughly $50,000 to start a gym, but this varies depending on the city/ location.

Choosing the Right Type of Equipment for Your Market

When you are deciding the type of equipment that you will need, decide which types of gym goers are you trying to reach.

Are you aiming for the fitness fanatic that needs heavy, adjustable weights, or more of the everyday person that would rather have a variety of lower weight equipment?

Are you trying to provide plenty of cardio equipment or would you rather include a dance room for classes?

Do plenty of research and make sure the equipment you want to purchases aligns with the equipment that your target market looks for in a gym.

To Buy or to Lease?

Sure owning your gym equipment will ultimately be cheaper. But as the industry changes, so does the equipment. Being stuck with out-to-date or obsolete equipment can seriously hurt your gym’s profitability, and can deter potential customers from choosing your gym over another.

Plus, as a startup business is expensive, and the idea of buying equipment outright probably is not a possibility. In this case, leasing and financing would be your best option. There are different ways to receive financing such is going through a bank or broker, but these options are often long, tedious, and are filled with hidden fees.

If your company has been in business for at least 2 years and has a decent credit standing, online financing is your best, cost-effective option.

Choosing A Financier

Navigating your way to find the best deal for your business can be confusing and time-consuming, and limits your time to work on other aspects of your growing business.

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