Starting a dental practice, although lucrative, can be very expensive. Beyond buying the technology alone, there are plenty of other costs including chairs, lighting, materials, the list goes on.



If you are currently:

  1. Are overwhelmed looking for all the right equipment for your dental practice

  2. Are trying to find the best deal

  3. Are trying to avoid going through the traditional, tedious bank application process

  4. Are all of above

Consider using online financing & leasing for your dental practice. If your business has been around for 2 years and holds a decent credit rating, American Capital Group has the capability to help.


American Capital Group


Along with our A+ rating by the BBB- credit bureau, we have over 20 years of industry expertise to guide your practice in the right direction.


We can:


  1. Be the experienced, dependable partner you need to communicate with for customized services, industry advice, and overall communication.

  2. Provide your business with our Lowest Payment. Guaranteed. promise, which will provide your business with the lowest monthly payments in the market.

  3. Secure your financing and funding for your equipment fast & easy, in our 4-step process.

  4. Use our own funds since we are a Direct Lender, and put together competitive deals and payment programs.




Discover how it takes less than minutes to fill out our secured, online application, while getting approved up to $150,000 without financials. 

Discover the simplicity of receiving fast financing and the equipment you need. Click here to secure the financing you need to help your dental business’s future stay bright & sparkling.