If you own a restaurant and are reading this article take a moment to pat yourself on the back for taking the risk of following your dreams, that takes a lot of courage and resilience and is something to be proud of.

As you might be aware of, starting a restaurant is expensive, and maintaining it can be just as costly. When it comes to deciding to take on a lease or loan for your equipment, do your research, and consider all options available.


Determining Needs vs. Wants


The Beatles said it best, sometimes you just can’t always get what you want. As much as you might to make a variety of different improvements for your restaurant, it is important to establish a boundary for your wants vs. needs.

Furthermore, look beyond your own perspective to understand the full needs of the restaurant. If your kitchen appliances are causing issues for your chefs to prepare food, or you restaurant furniture is not cutting it for your customers, utilize different feedback to establish your restaurant’s needs.


Choosing A Financier


If you currently do not have the cash outright to buy the restaurant equipment you need today, financing is a viable alternative. One option for financing is doing business with your bank, however this process tends to be tedious and time-consuming.

If you business has been in business for at least two years and has a decent credit standing, there is also an option of doing business with American Capital Group.


American Capital Group


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