Financing your next business equipment purchase may be more beneficial than you think. Did you know that equipment leasing can actually improve your business’ cash flow? Here’s how:

Buy Now, Pay Later

Leasing your equipment allows you to acquire it right away and begin to increase your revenue with greater productivity. That means you have the opportunity to generate income using your new equipment before you even begin to pay for it!

Break A Purchase Into Payments

When you finance your business equipment you avoid paying high acquisition costs by breaking the purchase up into payments. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t empty your bank account to buy a new car because you have other expenses like groceries and utilities you need cash for! So you finance the car and pay a little at a time, and the same goes for equipment for your business.

Save On Taxes

Leasing equipment can really help you come tax season because you can write off the full depreciation value of the equipment in the year you purchased it. This allows you to keep more money in your pocket because you’re paying less in taxes.

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