Many business owners are looking at their end of year needs and they have to make the hard decision of whether to buy the equipment now, or wait until next year due to lack of available funds. Putting off an equipment purchase can have big opportunity costs.

American Capital Group recognizes this potential roadblock that business owners face. That is why we offer a “Get Your Equipment Now, Pay Next Year” Program where you can acquire the equipment now, pay only $100 for the next few months, and then start your monthly payments in 2017.

Here are a couple reasons why business owners have found this program to be helpful:

• Eligible for tax write offs which can save 30-40% on your tax bill in April (on profit)
• Put extra capital in the corporate bank account which gives extra cushion for any unforeseen expenses that may arise
• Take the savings to pay down higher interest credit cards and revolving debt
• Use the months off to spend more money on marketing to drive more business

If you have equipment that would help your business now, and would like to take advantage of the “Get Your Equipment Now, Pay Next Year” Program, click here to get started.