The Canon EOS 1D is on the market and ready to go! Hundreds of people have been on the go to pre-order the newest model, because of this state of the art equipment is more in demand than one may think.

Especially after it’s release at the NAB Tradeshow this past week, many say that it is supposed to go head to head with its comparable competition: The RED EPIC Line.

The Canon brand stands high as photographers and shutterbugs all know that it is a leader when it comes to digital camera technology and quality.

The previous Canon C500 and C300 come with a range in image sensor size from 10 to 15 megapixels, and DIGIC II or III image processors. The EOS line is a fantasy turned reality to those who can identify and appreciate true crisp, real as life, photography.

Now the Canon EOS line has gone above and beyond as their Cannon EOS-1D C DSLR now has a 4K and HD Video Capture that comes fully equipped with an 18.1 megapixel full-frame 24-35mm CMOS senor that is sure to please the eye!

This is reason enough to get your hands on the latest and greatest Canon line. If you have realized the grand potential and capability of the Canon EOS, see if owning it is in your budget or if it’s a right choice for YOU. Do not let any more hazy views or bumps in the road stop you from getting your perfect picture!