If you are looking to find one of the most top trending cameras in the business, you need to look no further. ARRI, with its unique line of cameras from the Alexa line to the ARRI specific line, ARRI presents a range of cameras that can meet any individual’s needs.

In a recent poll it was found that the new ARRI Alexa line of cameras was found to be the most prominent and in demand. In fact, in a list of 10, it was at the top slot at number 1. The Alexa is the number 1 camera that any directors and DPs desire to work with as it delivers unique and crisp shots that are defined and magnificent.

Some found that the only issue with the ARRI brand is its pricing however. To this though, research and some back knowledge will prove that price is something that can be overcome if the ARRI brand is where your sights are set. The ARRI line of camera, although difficult to purchase at time, can easily be renting, leased, or even financed so that ownership can still be obtained.

These options open up a new door to those in the industry as it has now been an avenue, that although not traveled before, has now had much traffic. Click here to get more information if this is something that sounds right for you. It may not be for everyone, but for those that are looking for the next big thing and looking to stand out from the crowd, the ARRI line of cameras is the place to start!