Spoiler: It’s not as expensive as you think.


1. Decide Your Position Among Your Competitors


Everyone wants to be the leader, but is that feasible for your business?

Say that you are a start-up or a newer company, and some of your competitors simply generate a lot more money than your business does. With more money, they have the capability to spend higher amounts on marketing, product development, and other business operations.

This is not to discourage your business from succeeding in your objectives. Rather, this understanding can help a business strategize, create realistic goals, and increase profits. Knowing your market standing now does not dictate what your business’s future potential can be, it just means focusing on today.


Consider these characteristics when developing your position strategy:

  1. Your market’s characteristics

  2. Differentiating your customer markets from your target market

  3. Your competitor’s characteristics (strengths, weaknesses, capital, etc.)

  4. Mission statement

  5. Method to most effectively reach customers


2. Think Like Your Customers Do


To best market your business, you must get inside your customers’ head. Beyond understanding their general demographics, study their habits.


Some example questions to ask yourself:


What websites are they browsing in their free time?

How does your customer research your product/ what you are selling?

What stores do they shop at to buy              ?

Do they frequent any social media platforms?

Do they go out to eat, cook at home, drive-through?


Even if the answers to these questions don’t directly correlate to what your business is selling, it can provide unique platforms to advertise your content. You can also conduct surveys to learn more about who your customers are.


3. Put The Focus Back On The Customer


You have put your blood, sweat, and tears into running your business. Due to your commitment and everyday involvement, you probably think your business is pretty great. 

However, a common issue that businesses tend to overlook is their approach when communicating with customers. Put yourself in the customer’s perspective, and evaluate your approach. If your marketing messages repeatedly include the words (I, My, For, Our, Me, etc.), it will not be as effective. This is due to customers having the “Me-Mentality”, therefore, they will be less likely to connect with your message.

So even though you want to tell the world how great your business is, switch up the way you write your marketing content. Always make sure you are catering your message to the customer’s needs, and how your product and service can benefit them.


4. If You Cannot Distinguish A Competitive Advantage, Have The Best Customer Service In Your Industry


You have probably heard a thousand times about the necessity of having a distinguishing factor that sets you apart from the crowd. But what if your business does not have one? Or that there are simply too many competitors that have more money to pour into their advantages that your business cannot afford to compete with?


Have the best customer service in your industry. Whether that means hiring more employees, investing in new technology, or whatever change that may be, it’s a goal that, with planning, is definitely doable & can help you stand out significantly.  And at the end of the day, isn’t happy customers what we all strive for in business?


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5. Stay Innovative 


When we hear the word “innovator,” some things that may come to your mind might be Steve Jobs, Tesla, Google, the list goes on. Yet being innovative does not have to be exclusive to those advancements. Simply, being innovative can mean to find better and more creative ways to improve business operations.


By devoting time to research trends in your industry, your business can seek out ways to improve products and services, and develop new ideas. Innovation never stops, meaning that it is not simply a choice, but a necessity every company must implement for it to succeed.


Another way your company can be innovative is when it comes to your equipment. Since outdated equipment can stifle your company’s growth and make business operations slower, it is a good idea to consider upgrading your tools.



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