Part of our mission statement is to enhance the lives of members of our community, which we were able to live out this month through our partnership with the Mercy House armory. Mercy House is a local organization dedicated to serving individuals impacted by homelessness. In addition to helping individuals access stable, permanent housing, they provide emergency shelter services at their two armory locations. Last year, Mercy House provided emergency shelter for over 4,000 people who otherwise would not have had a place to sleep.

American Capital Group was able to be a part of Mercy House’s incredible story by volunteering at the armory multiple nights this month and providing a day’s worth of sack lunches for the 200 patrons at their Santa Ana armory location. We assembled the sack lunches during the work day, stepping away from our desks to make sandwiches and stuff the brown paper bags.


We look forward to volunteering at the armory again later this month, when we will be providing dinner for the people it serves. If you would like to learn more about Mercy House, visit their website at