For start-ups and small business owners alike, buying equipment can be a costly and lengthy process. Thankfully, there are others ways to obtain the equipment that your business needs than just buying it upfront, such as financing. Depending on the type and price of the equipment piece purchased, it can be for a substantially lower amount than your typical bank loan. Therefore, this is one of many reasons why financing is the option for qualified small business borrowers.

Read below to discover three reasons why financing equipment may be best for your business:


Unties capital.


Financing equipment allows your company to pay monthly and extend its fees. As a startup or at any stage, financing is essential for your business to succeed. Instead of purchasing equipment at an up-front cost, that money can be allocated to other departments in your growing business.


Personalize your terms.


Every company is unique when it comes to their financing needs, so why shouldn’t your plan reflect that? Fees are dispersed based on a two-year to a five-year-plan, which provides small business owners the flexibility to pay back on a schedule that works best for them.


Keep up-to-date with the latest equipment.


Equipment is continually progressing and evolving, so shouldn’t your business keep up with the newest technology? Owning outdated equipment can stifle your company’s growth, and can be very expensive when it comes time to purchasing updated technology. With financing, your business can utilize the latest technology minus the up-front purchasing expense.



Utilizing the latest or used equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. At American Capital Group, we can provide your business with innovative financing solutions to help meet your equipment needs, with the lowest monthly payments, guaranteed.

Discover the simplicity of receiving fast financing and the equipment you need. Click here to secure the financing you need to help your business grow.