Cranes: Finance, Lease, Or Buy For Your Construction Business

There is no denying the impact that the crane has made on the U.S. economy. According to the Labor Bureau of Statistics, crane & tower [...]

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6 Ways to Help Your Small Business Become Profitable

Track Your Progress   Technology is your friend. Nowadays, there are numerous of online applications that can help track different components on your business, such [...]

Choosing the Best 3D Printer For Your Business

3D printers can be very beneficial to a small business owner. From assisting in product development, to customizing products, and cutting costs, these are few [...]

5 Strategies For Your Business To Stand Out Among Its Competition

Spoiler: It’s not as expensive as you think.   1. Decide Your Position Among Your Competitors   Everyone wants to be the leader, but is [...]

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  • Rising Interest Rates

Prepare Yourself for Rising Interest Rates

As you may be aware, the Fed is forecasting as many as 3 rate hikes this year, including the one that recently happened. A rising cost of [...]

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Have You Taken Advantage of All Your Tax Write Offs for 2016?

The end of the year is approaching fast.  As a business owner, here's a few questions that may save you money this year: Did you [...]

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  • dollar bills

Get Your Equipment Now, Pay Next Year!

Many business owners are looking at their end of year needs and they have to make the hard decision of whether to buy the equipment [...]

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  • section 179

All About Section 179

Section 179 has increased the amount of benefits that equipment leasing already has to offer. For non-tax capital leases, small businesses can write off up [...]

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Is a Bank Line of Credit the Right Option for You?

Many small business owners are reviewing bank line of credit options now that credit portfolios have loosened up in the last year. Managing your line of [...]

By |September 14th, 2016|Equipment Financing & Leasing|2 Comments
  • save money by choosing the best end of lease purchase option

Choosing Your End of Lease Purchase Option

“Seventy-two percent of U.S. companies use some form of financing when acquiring equipment, including loans, leases, and lines of credit,” according to ELFA Online. Equipment [...]

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