ACG Community Resources

ACG Community Resources Stay Healthy, Stay Informed, Stay in Business.   At American Capital Group, we care about our community and helping your business and family. We compiled this list of [...]

WestPack Anaheim 2020

WestPack Anaheim 2020 Another year in Anaheim at WestPack proves that innovation continues! Highly specialized machines, the latest in efficient and clean packaging ensured the trade show floor was ready to impress. WestPack [...]

Top 3 Ways to Build Your Credit

Top 3 Ways to Build Your Credit Building and maintaining your business credit is crucial to the health of every company. Improving your credit to get better terms or larger approvals doesn't have [...]

FICO is Changing the Rules

  If you haven't already heard, FICO is updating the way they review and score your financial behavior. It’s important for business owners to understand the changes, as this could affect not only [...]

Section 179 & its Benefits

So, what exactly is Section 179?  For starters, the name is in reference to Section 179 of the IRS tax code, which allows small to medium-sized businesses to deduct up to $1 million worth of [...]

How to Prepare for a Trade Show

  You've decided to attend a trade show, great!  Here are the top seven things to do before you go. 1. First and foremost, plan ahead. There’s nothing more stressful than deciding to attend the [...]

2019 Small Business Checklist

As we are almost two months into the year, it is important for your small business to stay on track of its goals and priorities. With so many new business and technological trends, it is [...]

7 Types Of Semi-Trucks Explained

Have you been thinking about adding a semi truck to your company? These powerful vehicles can enable a business to substantially increase its cash flow along with lowering the transportation costs of going through a [...]

How To Get Financing For Dental Equipment

Starting a dental practice, although lucrative, can be very expensive. Beyond buying the technology alone, there are plenty of other costs including chairs, lighting, materials, the list goes on.     If you are currently: [...]